Aphrodite’s silky skin A timeless body treatment based on plants and herbs that have been recorded for millennia by Hippocrates and are used throughout the Greek and Mediterranean healing traditions, such as powerful antioxidant extracts of Olive, Elichrysso, Myrtle, Achilles, Rosemary and other precious herbs. Body Scrub with natural sugar crystals, herbal extracts and natural […]


Nutritional care & rehabilitation Ideal body treatment for sunburned or dehydrated skin, with active biological Aloe, hyaluronic acid and chamomile plant extracts. A gentle massage treatment that protects and enhances skin elasticity. Coating with a thick layer of organic Aloe for nourishment and repair of the damaged skin. The treatment is concluded with Body Milk […]


An amazing aromatherapy experience of relaxation and rejuvenation A mystic massage ritual that tempts mind, body and soul and promotes bliss, balance and well-being. The massage is performed with essential oils produced from heated natural wax. The heat helps the skin to better absorb hydration, detoxifies, while the essential oils offer deep relaxation and valuable […]


Explosion of the senses and deep moisture Enjoy a unique experience of chocolate flavors, combining the refreshing notes of mocha in an exquisite body scrub with sugar crystals and an intoxicating, relaxing body massage with liquid chocolate extract. This experience is designed to stimulate specific areas of the brain that respond to feelings of happiness […]


A variety of fast and invigorating exfoliation treatments for the body, filled with captivating aromas. Delicate crystals softly remove dead skin cells, while increasing blood circulation. The skin regains its elasticity and softness, as well as a fresh, shiny and healthy look. All treatments conclude with the application of the corresponding body cream. Choose your […]